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The blue skies embraced by warm sunlight, the taste of fresh tarmac leading to muddier roads, the smell of the rains gone by – Now that We has got a taste of the world, it is yearning to feast on it some more. All it needs is a rider.

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The Greek wheel Eco Zeus is an amazing bike. Compared to other bike brands I would prefer buying from Greek Wheels. The color is rad.

Ángel Nieto
Proffesional Racer

My top pics, smoothe, lusturous, heavy and a very comfortable ride. AQ is one heck of a motorbike. It really go down in history.

Steven Chris
YouTuber | Blogger

Loved it- Very handy and the steering is butter, Has a very furious Engine- The roar was elite. 101% Recommended. One Word- Fantastic.

Valentino Rossi
Proffesional Racer

A 10/10 Motorbike- Has all the features promised and can be visually felt while reading this beast. Bought FA, Very smooth and powerfull.

Varun Juneja
Director | CEO

Dope. We are buying Greek wheels. Elon musk much?

Company Review

Our team helping Greek wheels was a great exp for us as well. The bike is much better than we expected- Loved the new flavours, the torque, the engine everything seems perfect

Royal Enfield
Owner Company